what is sum hurley?

Acceditation & Academic Exellence

SUM Hurley is fully accredited through WASC Senior College and University Commission, Association for Biblical Higher Education, and Bureau for Private Post-secondary Education. We offer both bachelors and Master degrees with many different consontrations and plenty of practical hands on ministy time. Academics excellence is what we strive for so that our students are adequately prepared and empowered to walk wherever the call of God takes them.

Mission Statement and Purpose

"Empowering Leaders for the Fivefold Ministry"
SUM Bible College and Theological Seminary (SUM) exists equips indigenous leaders from America and the nations of the world by offering an affordable theological education combining academic instruction with practical hands-on ministry and personal mentorship. Our mission empowers these leaders to be instruments of change in their communities.


Hands on ministry experience is something we put great value on here at SUM Hurley. While learning in the classroom is imperative, putting what you are learning into practice is something that sets us apart as a college. From many different ministry opportunities, to internships, and Christian service hours; we always have an opportunity for you to learn and grow.


We know how much of a strain finances can be for a student trying to balance: college, ministry, personal life, and finances which is why we want to keep tuition down to a minimum where you graduate with little to no debt in student loans.





    How do I determine if I have enough financial aid to cover my educational expenses?

    In order to determine if you have enough aid to cover your educational expenses or whether you might wish to decline some loan funds you must first understand the cost of education per term vs. the amount of aid you are receiving. In order to do this you need to evaluate what you have been awarded in financial aid as outlined on the Award Disbursement Notification Letter from VFAO. You will need to add the amounts of the different aid types per trimester you will attend in the academic year (indicated by a number 1, 2 or 3) and compare to the cost of educational expense per trimester.
    Financial Aid Per Term - Tuition & Fees Per Term = Balance / Stipend Due
    Standard cost per trimester is roughly $2868 (4 classes) or $2843 (3 classes)* with the additional cost for Mardi Gras in the Winter trimester of $520 and Mardi Gras fee of $200 (Oakland campus students also need to include estimated travel cost of $600 ).
    Once the aid types have been added, subtract the appropriate cost per the corresponding trimester to determine if you will have enough funds to cover all the educational expenses or whether you might want to decline some loan funds if you have more than enough to cover your expenses for that trimester. In the event that you wish to change/decline loan funds it is recommended that you contact the Financial Aid Office to prior to accepting your award to make sure that the changes make financial sense.

    * B.A. students registered for 10-16.34 credits are awarded the full-time student scholarship. Students registered at 16.35 and above are charged $260/credit.

  • Are payment plans available for the BA program?

    All financial aid options must be used before any payment plan could be discussed. This includes Pell and subsidized, unsubsidized, and parent plus loans. Payment plans are considered on a case by case basis and only in extreme circumstances.

    How can I find out when and how much financial aid I will be receiving?

    After completing all steps in the financial process and verification (if applicable) the student will receive an award notification from VFAO that will outline the anticipated disbursement date along with the awarded disbursement amount. You can also log onto your Student Account on the VFAO website: https://sum.vfao.com and under the Student Interview Center section look under the Submitted Interviews and then click on the Student Financial Aid Status Report and it will display your award(s) for all academic years awarded.

Contact us:

(228)588-2670 | cgoodnight@sum.edu